Let me clear my throat! ~ cosplay girl

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Let me clear my throat!

This is just an FYI. If you live in Wichita, don't waste your time emailing us about price quotes. Drive your ass down to the shop where we'd be more than happy to help you out with your tattoo needs. If you're from out of town, email is appropriate and necessary. We've been getting slammed with questions about price quotes... and we're not playing that game. If your only interest is the cheapest price, then seek help elsewhere. We know our place on the totem of local shops. We don't run specials or give discounts. You'll find the highest quality here at Hell Bomb... We'll leave the bargain tattooing to the amateurs and kitchen magicians. That said, come get tattooed!

Hell Bomb Staff
(and we still don't do piercings, please learn to read.)


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