Thanks Washington! ~ cosplay girl

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thanks Washington!

Ben and I just got back in town from the Jet City Tattoo Expo. Hat's off to Jasper and Tim for putting together a great show. Everyone had a blast working and hanging out. Not to mention, it took place in one of the nicest casinos I've ever been to. Also, a big thanks to our friends at Triumph Tattoo for putting us up. The people in Washington know how to get tattooed! Here's a few pics of that went down...

Ben Siebert
Steven Turner

On another convention note - if you happen to be in the San Angelo, Texas area near the end of this month, come get tattooed. Ben Siebert and I will be attending the 1st West Texas Tattoo Expo. Drop us a line if you're interested in getting some work done. I, along with fellow machine builiders Andy Bolin and Kevin Wathk
e, will be at the expo peddling goods. Click here for information.


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